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Have you been thinking about Renovating your home?

Fuller House Imaging now offers virtual renovations.   


A low cost option before you call the contractor to see what your home can be or you commit to a costly renovation.  We can help you see your vision virtually first so you can make changes and analyze costs to create your dream space.


Check out both versions of this kitchen renovation design from one of our Designers

This design was to determine the value of removing walls and a utility room.   Before calling a contractor you can see if the cost fits the desire with this service.

Kitchen Remodel far corner shot.JPG
kitchen 1.JPG

Version 1 

This version of the redesign features removing a wall between the kitchen and the living room, this is the more modest creation of a new space.

into the kitchen 1.JPG
Looking into kitchen from pantry.JPG
kitchen remodel v2.JPG

Version 2

This version of the redesign is more  aggressive and features removing a wall and removing and reconfiguring the utility room hot water heater and furnace placement.   

*This service is a design render created by 360 imaging of a property.   The creation of a new space are of the designers view of your intended outcome.  This is not a final draft and changes may be necessary to truly create your space beyond this service.   This service is to create a visual idea not a final design.

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