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Virtual Tours - The insurance you didn't expect.

Beyond Virtual Tours - Insurance Documentation

Imagine the worst because that’s what insurance is there to protect you from. Perhaps a fire happened in your home, imagine your home was broken into! Hopefully neither of these two things ever happen to you. But if something like this or a natural disaster of the sorts happened, would you remember everything? How would you know or prove anything to your insurance?

Here is a story from another company that does virtual tours and how it helped a client in a negative situation:

Ben Ringold, GA

“In the past few weeks, two of our close friends in two different cities have had their homes broken into. Imagine walking into your home and finding that someone violated your sanctuary and taken your stuff. The trauma and shock of that experience must then be followed by the stress of dealing with police reports and insurance companies to detail what is missing.

Another instance of a virtual tour proving additional value is when our professional photography business had recently finished shooting 30 cabin virtual tours for a North Georgia vacation cabin rental company. Within a week after shooting these tours, one of the cabins had an unfortunate incident where renters using fake identification and stolen credit cards stole many of the valuables from the cabin including electronics, linens, decorations, dishes, and much more.

Luckily for the cabin owner, there was no questioning what was stolen because they had a room by room cabin virtual tour that showed the cabin exactly as it looked prior to being wiped out. Virtual tours are not just great for marketing, they are also invaluable should there be the sort of tragedy that we have seen examples of recently.”

These stories are unfortunate instances where a service meant just for marketing, delivered beyond expectations. Virtual Documentation shows value beyond just standard real estate.

Fuller House Imaging specializes in high definition 360 degree virtual tours and Professional photography call today for your home, business, and more. 1-248-514-4173

Home sweet home

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